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Flight training at Capital City Aviation is provided by competent and capable instructors who take your dreams seriously! Utilizing the latest in aircraft technology and safety procedures, Capital City Aviation's aircraft fleet is one of the best values in the Central Ohio area. Whether you're a businessperson looking to increase your reach, a hobbyist who has always wanted to fly, or an aspiring professional pilot, Capital City Aviation can do it all!

Private Pilot
The most basic of licenses, the private pilot license allows a pilot to operate any aircraft in the single engine land category. At Capital City Aviation, we are fortunate enough to have four different types of single engine land airplanes - and you're more than welcome to try your hand at each one! The private pilot license can be used for business or pleasure, but you cannot get paid to fly the airplane.

Instrument Rating
Often quoted as being the most challenging and rewarding flying pilots ever do, the instrument rating allows flight in the IFR environment - once the domain of just airliners. Pilots learn to handle the aircraft more precisely with reference to the inside gauges instead of purely looking out the window.  The Instrument rating also allows the pilot to safely navigate in poor visibility such as clouds or rain.

Multi Engine Rating
The multi engine rating allows pilots to operate as pilot-in-command an aircraft with more than one engine. The multi-engine rating can be added to a private pilot license either with or without instrument privileges (if you hold them already) or to a commercial pilot license, either as an initial or add-on.

Commercial Pilot
The Commercial license allows pilots to fly "for hire" and get paid for their services. All fight instructors are required to have a commercial license. With a commercial license, pilots can do the following:
- Aerial Photography
- Skydiving Drops
- Operate corporate aircraft for individuals or companies
- Pipeline Patrol
- Ferry Flights

Flight Instructor - CFI, CFII, & MEI
With a flight instructor certificate, commercial pilots can expand their employment opportunities by teaching others to learn to fly. From private pilot to multi-engine students, flight instructors build time and experience while sharing their knowledge with students.

Career Track
Interested in being a professional pilot? Capital City Aviation can provide you the training you'll need to start getting paid for flying! If you dread working in the same cubicle your entire life and love to travel, flying might possibly be your calling! Call us today to see how we can get you there!

Additional Endorsements
These endorsements can be added to any grade of pilot certificate (with the exception of the instrument proficiency check). Whether done to meet an FAA requirement or just for fun, an additional endorsement allows you to take greater advantage of your certificate and fly different and larger aircraft.


Completed in our Piper Arrow II, this endorsement allows the pilot to operate an aircraft with retractable gear and variable pitch propeller as pilot in command.

High Performance

This endorsement allows the pilot to operate an aircraft with engine power output greater than 200 horsepower.

Biennial Flight Review

Needed for all pilots, the FAA minimum of 1 hour flight and 1 hour ground instruction is upheld, covering topics ranging from airspace classification to flight planning.

Instrument Proficiency Check

If your instrument skills are not up to meeting the PTS and/or you are out of the 12 month cycle for instrument currency, this endorsement will allow you to file and fly IFR.

*If you don't see what you are looking for, please give us a call. We can come up with a program for you - be it crosswind landing practice, instrument approaches down to minimums or keeping proficiency in single engine operations in a multi engine aircraft, or any other request.



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